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Hi there. My name is Craig Roblewsky and Motion Tricks is my endeavor to share some of the animation code nuggets and ideas that rattle around in my head. I hope you find some of them helpful. Have fun.

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What this site is

As the name implies, it's about motion. Specifically, web animation to get your pixels movin'. It's a collection of tutorials, tips and tricks that will hopefully help with your daily animation work.

My main focus will be real world projects. All lessons assume a basic working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Knowledge of SVGs and the GreenSock Animation Platform will also be super helpful.

Finally, I hope the site is a source of ideas and inspiration for you.

What this site isn't

This isn't a place to learn basic coding. There are many wonderful sites to learn the basics. I also won't be using React, Vue, Angular or any other frameworks. All code will be written with vanilla JavaScript and I won't be animating anything with CSS keyframes.

It's also not about perfection. This website isn't perfect. I'm not perfect. You're not perfect. Well, maybe you are. I don't know you. I'm just trying to share knowledge, make some pixels move around the screen and have a bit of fun.

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